Digital Dreams in Analog Form. 
Unique art pieces.
I have been working with digital media for over 20 years. It is the most democratic and timeless medium I can imagine. Digital files can be perfectly reproduced in infinite copies, and as long as they are based on maintained standards, they can live forever. Some might even say that digital media is the perfect medium. Maybe... 
What is certain is that digital technology gives us the ability to store our ideas in code and send them to eternity. They allow us to share them with the world by removing borders and restrictions.
However, what if we desire a more biological approach to art?
What if we want to create artworks that reflect the imperfections and limitations of the physical world?

Over the years, I have been reflecting on the contrast between analog and digital, the finite and the eternal, the perishable and the imperishable, and the tangible and the intangible. While I could have continued creating digital work, I wanted to find a way to give my creations a more organic life. In recent years, I have discovered a way to achieve this.
Although my background is that of a visual designer working in the industry, creating applications for a specific use, I have received more and more requests from clients to move into the field of fine arts. Two critical factors have contributed to this shift. The first is my wife, Vira. The second is the market through intermediate steps, such as decorative or architectural uses of my images or through projects with a more accessible service and destination without time limits, target groups, and marketing objectives.

I have been fortunate to create massive murals for Delta Airlines at San Francisco and Seattle International Airports. I had the honor of designing the House of USA murals for the Rio Olympics in 2016. I have also been approached to create portraits for influential business leaders such as Softbank or Church & Dwight. I have had the opportunity to create art pieces that symbolize high-fashion collections or adorn leisure, dining, tourism, and cruise spaces. And, of course, I have seen my work being accepted in Lumas galleries, museums, stadiums, and private collections. In most cases, the transition from digital to analog was minimal, involving prints, special processing techniques, and ways of transferring the digital work from the screen to the physical medium.
Vira brings a unique set of skills. Despite being much younger than me, she has a more analog background, having received a comprehensive education in classical arts such as music, painting, and florist design. Her passion for the third dimension, including paper sculpture and construction, has been instrumental in our efforts to bring some of my works to life in the material world. So if I'm the software in our home, Vira is the hardware. Our diverse techniques center on giving our work new life, exploring texture, light, depth, shadow, convexity, and relief.

We've named our effort "singularis," which means "unique" in Latin. In an era where singularity is often associated with artificial intelligence and automated creation, we are excited to experiment with the perishable yet tangible. 
Our projects require weeks to months of meticulous yet gratifying work. Our home is brimming with papers, materials, inks, paints, threads, and glues. With good music and love, we crafted some of the projects we proudly present to you. Unfortunately, they cannot be owned by everyone as digital works. The analog medium is less democratic and accessible but will endure beyond a digital file. We strive to imbue it with the same passion with which it was born, both in its intangible conception and transition to the physical world.
Charis Tsevis

Title: THE AFRICAN BRICKS “And fire” | Date: 2023 | Dimensions: 151 x 110 cm 

Title: “The sunbath” | Date: 2023 | Dimensions: 100 x 100 cm

Title: THE AFRICAN BRICKS “Echoes of Heaven” | Date: 2021 | Dimensions: 110 x 90 cm

Title: THE AFRICAN BRICKS “Lively up” | Date: 2022 | Dimensions: 151 x 110 cm

Title: THE AFRICAN BRICKS “Give me the night” | Date: 2022 | Dimensions: 110 x 203 cm 

Bringing digital mosaics to life

The creative process of bringing the digital mosaic to life in the physical realm was intricate and demanding. The digital mosaic technique was thoroughly analyzed, and the process was deconstructed into multiple layers. Subsequently, each layer was printed using a state-of-the-art 12-color giclée printer on high-quality Hahnemuhle paper 300 grams.
Every element was cut manually, carefully, then painted and sculpted each piece. We used various materials, including textiles, and metal colors, to give each element depth and texture. The manual manipulation of the paper imbued the artwork with a three-dimensional quality, emphasizing each piece's layers and depth. 
We carefully considered the interplay of light and shadow in each piece, using different angles and levels to create depth and interest. We experimented with different finishes and varnishes to find the perfect balance between shine and subtlety. We added a gold plate to certain elements, creating another layer of richness and complexity.
Finally, after two months of hard work and experimentation, the first analog version of the singular mosaic artwork was complete. 
The artwork features vibrant colors and textures, with intricate details that draw the viewer in and invite them to explore every corner of the design. The mixed media approach allows for a stunning variety of materials, which blend to create a rich and multi-dimensional effect.
Today, Charis and I continue to create our singular mosaics, using our combined skills and creativity to push the boundaries of what is possible. Each piece we create is a testament to the power of collaboration and the beauty of traditional art forms. 
Attention to detail, with each element carefully chosen and placed to create a cohesive and harmonious whole. The resulting artwork is visually striking and intellectually stimulating, encouraging viewers to reflect on the intricate relationship between traditional and modern art techniques.
Vira Konstanta

Some details: 

© 2020-2023
We want to extend our sincerest gratitude to several individuals who were instrumental in the success of this project.
First and foremost, we thank Tsiapas Photography for its high-quality photography and prints that captured the true essence of the artwork, allowing us to showcase it in the best possible light.
We would also like to thank Giannis Delivasilis, Quality, and Fotokinisi for their valuable suggestions and assistance throughout the project. Whose contributions were crucial to the project's completion.

Special Thanks to my friend Alex Mandidakis for the music he wrote for our video.

Thank you.
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