In the mosaic of cultures, sports emerge as a universal language. Beyond borders and linguistic differences, the Olympics are a testament to how sports unite people. 
My artistic journey weaves through neo-futuristic illustrations and mosaics. It's more than just portraying athletes; it's about encapsulating the rich tapestry of culture, the fervor of the crowd, and the very essence of what it means to be a human.
Journey through time and space
In the heart of artistic expression lies a unique perspective on the Olympics. The Olympic Games occur every four years, creating a distance and, consequently, introducing parameters related to the trends of each era. There is a relationship between the specific time and the particular city's history.
Another aspect is that they occur in different countries, and each country has its own culture and tradition—things someone takes pride in. The people are proud of certain aspects of their identity. So, there are elements to study and immerse oneself in—cultures, identity themes, trends, and fashion.
And all these, you need to find a way to narrate to the world using a visual language that ultimately speaks to both a national and a global audience. Olympic design should speak to the people organizing the Olympiad and the international audience. You need to be able to globalize a national identity
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Movement as Art: The Dance of Athletics

For me, sports transcend the field of play; they are a dance of movement, a choreography of strength and grace. 
The beauty lies not just in victory or defeat but in the very act of moving—the poetry in motion that is sports.
My illustrations aim to freeze the elusive moments in sports—a winning goal, a perfect dive, the split-second actions that define greatness. In these frames, viewers can appreciate the artistry within sports. It's about more than the competition; it's about the fleeting instances that etch themselves into the collective memory of fans and enthusiasts.
My Visual Journey through Olympics Projects
In the realm where athleticism converges with artistry, my exploration of sports illustrations has been a testament to the fusion of movement, emotion, and symbolism
UK Coin for the Royal Mint, 2024
Looking ahead to the Paris Olympics in 2024, I had the honor of creating a UK coin for the Royal Mint. This project was a fusion of heritage, culture, and athleticism.
Yahoo!'s 2012 London Olympiad: A Neo-Futuristic Spectacle​​​​​​​
My artistic journey for the London Olympics 2012 took a dynamic turn with a neo-futuristic styling commissioned by Yahoo! 
The Rio 2016 Summer Olympics marked a grand canvas for artistic expression, and I contributed by adorning the USA House with mosaic murals. The project was a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, paying tribute to Rio's public art, Portuguese ceramic art, and contemporary US street art. 
The murals for USA House in Rio 2016
The murals for USA House in Rio 2016
The murals for USA House in Rio 2016
The murals for USA House in Rio 2016
The murals for USA House in Rio 2016
The murals for USA House in Rio 2016
The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics witnessed a unique approach to artistic representation with the Slovenian Olympic Team project. Collaborating with Arnold+Vuga, we created a series of mosaics and animations using photos shared by fans on social media.
Bleacher Report commissioned a special tribute. In a nod to Japanese tradition, I created a mosaic illustration and video in the style of Kintsugi, symbolizing the beauty in imperfections and the resilience of these incredible athletes.
Each project, a chapter in the visual story of Olympic art, brings forth a unique narrative, capturing the essence of culture, movement, and the indomitable spirit of sports.
Basketball athletes mosaic illustration for Olympic Games
Parisian Elegance Meets Athletic Excellence
Reflecting on this artistic odyssey through the Olympics, I see a fusion of history, culture, and the indomitable spirit of sports. With every project, I've aimed not just to capture a moment but to encapsulate the essence of human achievement
As the Paris Olympics draw near, I invite you to join me in this visual journey—a celebration of heritage, excellence, and the unyielding beauty of sports with two projects of mine.
Paris, a city synonymous with art and sport, becomes the canvas for my visual journey. Reflecting the seamless blend of different creative periods, I delve into the intricacies of French Baroque, Rococo, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco. These stylistic elements converge in meticulously crafted digital mosaics, each illustrating a unique facet of the Olympic spirit. See the detailed project here: Paris 2024!
In my artistic journey through the Olympics, I have many self-initiated projects representing vibrant cultural celebrations and expressions of global unity.
For the Tokyo Olympics 2020, my digital mosaics aimed to encapsulate the spirit of resilience and harmony, drawing inspiration from Japanese art and culture. 
Ai Fukuhara 福原 愛 a Japanese table tennis player
Ai Fukuhara 福原 愛 a Japanese table tennis player
Yui Ohashi a Japanese swimmer
Yui Ohashi a Japanese swimmer
Tokyo 2020 inspired mosaic illustration
Tokyo 2020 inspired mosaic illustration
My creative endeavor for the 2012 London Olympics was a typographic experiment thoughtfully tailored to embody the industrial spirit I envisioned for these unique explorations.
In this enchanting odyssey through the Olympics, we traverse the tapestry of time and space, weaving a narrative that resonates across cultures and epochs. 
It's not merely about art; it's about capturing the ephemeral moments that define the essence of the Olympics' grand stage. As tradition and modernity dance in harmony, this exploration transforms into a universal visual language etched into the spirit of the Olympic Games.
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