The Illustrations:
The Yahoo! team asked me to create 6 illustrations for their campaign. 3 pairs of images for 3 different sports (diving, gymnastics and running). We have developed 4 images for running because we wanted to represent celebration and victory too. 
Gymnastics art for London Olympics, Yahoo advertising campaign
Gymnastic sport inspired artwork, colorful vector illustration
Gymnastics performance art in colors, sport digital graphics
2012 Olympic Games diving illustration Yahoo global campaign
Running scene artwork for Olympics
Olympic runner neo-futuristic digital illustration
Olympic champion color mosaic digital artwork
Gold medal champion in vector illustration colorful mosaic
The panoramic illustrations:

I have created panoramic versions of 4 of the illustrations to be applied to the banner format.
Panoramic illustration of Diving Championship digital mural for Olympic Games
Gymnastics floor artwork, extra large wallpaper art
Gymnastics balance beam illustration in colors, Olympic Sport digital advertising
Crossing the finish line digital neo-futuristic panorama art
The applications:

These are some of the applications that Yahoo! created. Banners, splash screens for logging-in and animations.
Colorful digital artwork for Sports event branding
Olympic advertising for global sports news media
Editorial illustrations for sports media advertising
Yahoo sports illustration
The details:

Here are some details of the illustrations.
Sports brand visual artist
Diving in action color neo-futuristic art
Neo futuristic vector illustration
Water splash in color tile art
Gymnastics performance artwork in colors
Sports industry art digital illustration for London Olympics
The digital mosaic project for Yahoo campaing
Digital mosaic artwork commission for the Olympics
Sports illustrations for collaborations in global events
Sports event branding illustration
Olympic Games art creation in bright colors
Olympic themed digital collage from colors
Sports digital mosaic graphics
Sport mosaic art with athlete imagery
Sporting event digital montage
Dynamic colors in vector art
Athletic mosaic illustration
Portrait image of colorful triangles
Powerful picture of colors
Happy man, image form colorful polygons
Olympic winner, sport graphics
Neo futuristic portrait in colors
Gold medal, Olympic sport art
Credits, references, thanks:
Agency: Yahoo! Internal Creative Department
Creative Director: Jared Kozel
Executive Producer: Jamie Ybarra
You can see high resolution versions of these illustrations on my Flickr.
Credit is due to my teachers that have taught me to love Gestalt psychology. The principles and ideas of this school lie behind this type of work. A special reference to Nino Di Salvatore, Augusto Garau and Bruno Munari all of whom are members of MAC (Movimento Arte Concreta) a meta-futurist movement in post WWII Italy that has influenced a lot of my work. I also have to mention Carlo Nangeroni who's influence is also incredibly significant in all my work.
Photographic references have been used from photos downloaded from Shutterstock.
Many thanks to the Yahoo! team and especially Jamie and Jared.
These illustrations have been made with a series of tools including (Synthetik Studio Artist and the Adobe Creative Suite) on my Mac.
Enjoy the Games! 
P.S. Visit Olympia, Greece. It's a Once-In-A-Lifetime experience! 
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