TIME Person of the year 2021: Elon Musk
Elon Musk has been named Person of the year by Time magazine. I had the great honor to be commissioned to create a mosaic portrait of his made out of pieces related to his companies and activities. Tesla cars, chargers, SpaceX missiles, The Boring company's heavy machinery, Dogecoins...
The illustration is opening the special section of the magazine dedicated to the Person of the year. 
Elon Musk is a person who has inspired me in the past. Here you can see some other mosaic portraits of the "Rocket Man".
Elon Musk portrait by many photos of his creation, editorial art for TIME magazine
Elon Musk by his creations
Time editorial illustration for cover design, man of the year Elon Musk
Science magazine: Early Life immunology
A mosaic illustration picturing a pregnant woman with a baby made out of microbes. Created for the cover of Science magazine for their issue covering the subject of immunology during pregnancy and early life.
You can find the issue here.
Viruses and bacteria collage of an embryo in mom's belly, news illustration for Science
Viruses and bacteria mosaic of an embryo in mom's belly. 
Editorial design cover art of Science magazine
Bleacher Report: Congratulations Diana Taurasi and Sue Bird!
To congratulate their historic achievement of wining 5 Olympic gold medals 🏅 in 5 Olympiads, Bleacher Report commissioned me to create a mosaic illustration and a video portraying the 2 American athletes in a traditional Japanese Kintsugi style. 
The video and the illustration have been published in all their social media.
Diana Taurasi and Sue Bird, American basketball players, media illustration for the Olympics
The legendary American basketball players Diana Taurasi and Sue Bird who made it to win 5 gold medals in 5 different Olympiads.
Fortune magazine: Inside the ad, ad, ad world of YouTube.
For the special Fortune 500 issue of 2021 the magazine asked me to create a mosaic illustration for YouTube, created with clips from the most popular YouTubers of our times. An animated version has also been created for SM and iPad needs.
You can read the article on Fortune website.
YouTube logo art montage of YouTubers screens, conceptual illustration for Fortune
A mosaic of YouTube logo made of YouTubers and their creations.
Article illustration of many photos for Fortune magazine
NBA Canada: Thank you Vince!
NBA Canada created a special mini site dedicated to the carrier of legendary basketball player, Vince Carter. I had the honor to be part of the small group of 15 artists from all over the world to be commissioned to create an artwork inspired by Carter.
You can visit the site here and download the portrait in various formats: 
A basketball mosaic, Vince Carter portrait from balls
A basketball mosaic portrait of the. great Vince Carter.
Vince Carter's portrait from millions of basketballs for the NBA, sport media art
Science magazine: Celebrating 20 years of the discovery of Human genome sequencing.
A mosaic illustration picturing a pregnant woman with a baby made out of microbes. Created for the cover of Science magazine.
You can read a detailed description of this project on this article by Chrystal Smith titled "Celebrating Human Genome Sequencing".
Human genome mosaic 20, Informative visualization for Science Mag
Human genome mosaic celebrating the 20th anniversary of this important scientific discovery.
Science Magazine cover art from human genomes
Bleacher Report: Mamba Forever
To commemorate one year without Kobe and Gianna Bryant, Bleacher Report commissioned me to create a mosaic illustration portraying the NBA legends made out of moments from his carrier and photos of father and daughter.
Published on BR's instagram, Facebook etc. 
Mamba and Mambacita mosaic portrait, feature illustration for media
Mamba and Mambacita mosaic portrait.
Bleacher Report:  Happy birthday, Travis Scott!
To celebrate Travis Scott's birthday, Bleacher Report commissioned me to create a mosaic illustration of Air Jordan 6 Khaki snicker made by objects from Travis' sponsons.
Air Jordan 6 Khaki mosaic of Travis' sponsors and their products, sneakers digital art
Air Jordan 6 Khaki mosaic made out of Travis' sponsors and their products. 
Communications of the ACM: Does Facebook use sensitive data for advertising purposes?
A mosaic illustration picturing the ad icon of Facebook created by thousands of photos from people.
Made of the cover of January 2021 issue of Communications of the ACM.
You can find the article here.
Loudspeaker for Facebook, digital mosaic of thousands of faces, editorial imagery
FB mosaic made out of thousands of faces.
Communication illustration for media cover design
Creative commentary illustration for Communications of the ACM Mag
Men's Health: The Toxic-supplement hunter
A mosaic portrait of Dr.Pieter Cohen, M.D., a scientist with expertise on supplement safety. Created with supplements, powders, pills etc.
You can read the article here.
Dr Cohen of supplements and pills, Science illustration
Dr Cohen made out of supplements and pills. 
Science portrait from scientific objects, digital editorial media
British Airways' Business Life: BJ Fogg
A mosaic portrait of American academic BJ Fogg to illustrate an article on daily habits. Thousands of objects were used.
BJ Fogg portrait from everyday objects, custom photomosaic portrait
BJ Fogg made out of everyday objects.
Magazine illustration, article cover digital mural
Some details of the illustrations. Mosaics are always beautiful when in huge format:
Basketball in a digital kintsugi style, Sport industry art digital illustration
basketball kintsugi player, sports digital mosaic graphics
Kintsugi art in sport, sports illustrations for collaborations in global events
Kobe Bryant art with his daughter, digital media illustration
Gianna Bryant mosaic art, editorial art for global media
Air Jordan sneakers digital art
Travis' products mosaic illustration
Vince Carter illustration from basketball, sports digital mosaic graphics
Digital collage from objects
Embryo of Viruses and bacteria, science illustration
Viruses and bacteria digital collage for magazine
Human genome science mosaic illustration
You Tube Digital mosaic mural for editorial design
Doctor's portrait from pills
Photo mosaic portrait, digital art for huge surfaces
Musk portrait from his creations, unique photomosaic
Elon's eye digital art from photos, editorial design
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