Allow me to present my latest project related to Paris 2024. My previous endeavor aimed to capture athletes' dynamism and fervor across diverse Olympic Games sports. However, this project takes a different focus, centering on the core of the Games—the Olympic Hopefuls, featuring Jordan Chiles, the great American gymnast, Miltos Tendoglou, the Greek long jump world champion, Milly Tanner, the English international track cyclist, Oriane Bertone, the promising French rock climber, Noah Lyles, the American 100m and 200m champion and Fan Zhendong, the Chinese table tennis world number one. Last but not least Karolina Pelendritou, the Princess of the pool, Cyprus' most decorated athlete of all time. 
In this collection, I've embarked on a creative journey to encapsulate the unwavering determination exhibited by athletes as they strive to secure their place in the Paris 2024 Olympics.
These digital mosaic portraits and their animated version blend a tapestry of photographs that authentically depict the spirit of Paris, interwoven with elements drawn from renowned French artistic movements like Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and Rococo. Each illustration is thoughtfully adorned with ornaments and intricate designs, some embellished with gemstones, symbolizing the athletes' unwavering commitment to excellence. 'Paris 2024: Olympic Hopefuls' serves as a tribute to these remarkable individuals and a recognition of the seamless interplay between athleticism and artistry, echoing the journey toward the coveted medals that await the champions of tomorrow. 

Athlete portrait of Jordan Chiles digital mosaic portrait for Paris Olympics
Jordan Chiles: Soaring to Paris 2024 🤸‍♀️
Karolina Pelendritou Olympic digital art portrait
Karolina Pelendritou: Swimming towards Paris 2024 🏊‍♀️
Mosaic portrayal of Noah Lyles sports art illustration for Olympics
Noah Lyles: Sprinting into Paris 2024 🏃‍♂️
Milly Tanner sport mosaic artwork of Paris art movements
Milly Tanner: Onward to Paris 2024 🚴‍♀️
Digital mosaic portrait of Miltos Tendoglou Olympic Art sports advertising
Miltos Tendoglou: Navigating Towards Paris 2024 🥇
Fan Zhendong mosaic depiction, Olympic editorial illustration
Fan Zhendong: En Route to Paris 2024 🏓
Art portrait of Oriane Bertone of Paris art culture
Oriane Bertone: Ascending to Paris 2024 🧗‍♀️
Alternative versions:
I sincerely appreciate your engagement with the Paris 2024 project. Your interest and support mean a lot to us. Together, we celebrate the harmonious blend of art, history, and the Olympic Games, fostering a sense of unity through the Olympic spirit across the globe.​​​​​​​
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