A Mosaic Journey in the Kingdom of Bahrain
In the heart of Bahrain's dedication to animal production, the Mara'ee Animal Production Show became the canvas for a unique artistic journey. Invited by Pico Bahrain's CEO, Khalid Juman, I joined a select group of global artists, contributing to the Art Exhibition held under the esteemed patronage of His Majesty King Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa.
The focal point of my contribution was the regal centerpiece, the King's portrait. Echoing the analog allure of Singularis Art, the creation unfolded through a blend of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.
The initial layer materialized on synthetic stone, courtesy of Bois Art Shop's UV printer. The second layer, rich in detail and color, emerged from Fotokinisi's Giclée 12-color printer. A meticulous process ensued as each tile in the second layer was hand-cut, hand-painted, and assembled, with metallic art paper adding a unique detailed touch through a laser-cut machine.
Adding a profound dimensionality, a combination of acrylics and Relief Paint brought the portrait to life, creating a 3D effect. The crowning touch of Giusto Manetti Gold leaf (KTS 32 3/4 100x100 Th. 24gr Light pressed) elevated specific details, casting a luminous charm that turned the portrait into an extraordinary luxury.
The journey continued with Giclée 12-color printing on 100% cotton canvas, transformed into a vibrant ode to the wild. Hand-painted, each tile echoed the untamed spirit. Relief Paint, Metallic hues, and Giusto Manetti Gold leaf added a 3D allure, culminating in a mosaic symphony capturing the essence of the wild.
The result goes beyond representation; it's a crafted symphony that captures the spirit of the wild in every individual tile.
The Mara'ee Art Exhibition became the stage for these artistic narratives, where each piece whispered tales of regality and untamed beauty. Explore the journey through the images and videos and witness the fusion of tradition and innovation in the heart of Bahrain.
The King's Portrait:
King Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa portrait in contemporary mosaic style
Mosaic Majesty:
A Tribute to the King
Royal Creation: Unveiling the King's Portrait
The Animal Collection:
In my Animal Collection, I've artfully chosen to spotlight an Arabic horse, a Bahraini falcon, and an Antelope. These three majestic creatures come to life through the intricate integration of Arabic patterns. Each piece encapsulates the spirit and grace of these animals, offering a visual narrative that reflects the region's unique beauty.
Horse in Arabic patterns, art exhibition, digital mosaic on canvas
Stallion’s Serenity:
Mosaic Melody of Equine Grace
Horse Chronicles: Artistry in Motion
Bahraini falcon of Islamic art motifs, digital mosaic art
Winged Whispers:
Falcon’s Flight through Arabic Skies
Falcon Reverie: Crafting Wings of Elegance
Antelope in Oriental designs pieces, digital mural
Ethereal Elegance:
Mosaic Poetry of the Desert Antelope
Antelope Aura: Mosaic Poetry in Motion
Digital mosaics details:
Many thanks to HRM King Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa, the curators of his art collection
and the Bahraini Ministry of Municipalities Affairs and Agriculture. 
Thanks to Khalid Juman, Lori, Samsu and everyone at Pico Bahrain.
Extended greetings to all artists, curators and consultants participating in this amazing project.
Special thanks to Kleopas, Pambis and everyone in our Paphos, CY team.
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