It's been around 15 years now that I am studying African culture and experimenting with the rich visual language of the continent and its people all around the world. From my first trip to Johannesburg I felt in love with the African heritage. For me it's so strong, so original, so powerful. It's a solid ground on which I can build my work. 
This is the second collection of my African Bricks series, following the concept of the African matchbox house. I so loved these houses. You see that every brick but also every possible material can find its place on these walls in Soweto or other African townships. It's another series of collages using patterns, textures, fabrics, embroidery, papers and any other material that reflects the passion and the beauty of Africa. 8 beautiful black women and 2 portraits of the Jamaican American reggae artist Keznamdi. I have created these two portraits of him for his Skyline Levels Vol.1 album. 
You can also recognize the amazing Amanda Gorman in one of these pieces. I couldn't help but creating a portrait of hers. She's such a lovely and promising poet. The title of this portrait is taken by a poet of Maya Angelou. "And still I rise"
Thank you, Africa. For all the beauty, the joy and the inspiration!​​​​​​​
The artworks​​​​​​​

Deep inside your borders. Digital mosaic, 135 x 110 cm
And still I rise, Amanda. Digital mosaic, 135 x 110 cm
Keznamdi, Skyline Levels Vol.1. Red Version. Digital mosaic. 110x157 cm
I bless the rains, Digital mosaic, 150 x 200 cm
Witness. Looking at you, ready to confess. Digital mosaic, 135 x 110 cm
See the silence. Digital mosaic, 110 x 147 cm
Echoes of Heaven. Digital mosaic, 110 x 147 cm
Uzoza'ngan? (What are you coming for?). Digital mosaic, 135 x 110 cm
Girl with coffee flower. Digital mosaic, 255 x 110 cm
Keznamdi, Skyline Levels Vol.1. Green Version. Digital mosaic. 110x157 cm
Digital to Analog:
There is an analog version of some of these artworks. My wife Vera, who loves paper sculpting, and I decided to reconstruct the digital mosaics assembling them piece by piece in many layers. Countless hours have been invested in cutting, painting, sculpting, varnishing, adding gold or silver plate and finishing. You can see some photos of the process down here (click for a large version).
More to come soon.​​​​​​​
Some details:
Made with love and some good music.
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