Dear Art Enthusiasts,
I am grateful for the incredible experience at the OFFF Festival in Barcelona in March 2023. Being invited as a speaker was an honor. I am immensely grateful to Adobe and Rufus Deuchler for allowing me to share my ideas, insights, and creative journey with such an enthusiastic audience.
The theme of my speech, "On the Sunny Side of the Planet," aimed to capture my optimistic approach to design and creativity. I shared my long-term innovative and boundary-pushing visual design methods, hoping to inspire and motivate all of you to explore the vast and ever-evolving design world further.
Throughout my speech at the OFFF Festival, I emphasized the importance of continuous learning and growth. With its vibrant art scene and numerous creative events, Barcelona offers endless opportunities for artists to expand their horizons.
You can now watch the entire speech here if you couldn't attend the event.
You have to sign in with your Adobe ID to visit the link.
During the festival, I also enjoyed participating in a live interview conducted by Adobe, which took place at OFFF. In this engaging conversation, we delved into various topics, from portfolio reviews to the latest trends in the creative industry.

I am also grateful to Creative Bloq for featuring an article titled "5 Tips for Success Every Artist Needs to Hear." These insights aim to provide aspiring artists with valuable guidance and encouragement. You can find the full article on

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Barcelona, renowned for its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant culture, exudes unique creative energy. Its colorful streets captivate me, showcasing a harmonious coexistence of influences that create a beautiful mosaic of inspiration.
The city's famous mosaics have profoundly influenced my work. From the awe-inspiring Park Güell to the breathtaking façade of Casa Batlló, these intricate and vibrant artworks stand as a testament to Barcelona's rich artistic heritage. The meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail in these mosaics have inspired me to explore the possibilities of digital mosaics in my artistic endeavors.
You can witness my work inspired by the city through this link.
Beyond its architecture, Barcelona is a melting pot of cultures where diverse traditions, languages, and perspectives intertwine. This cosmopolitan nature has taught me the value of cultural exploration and how it enriches the creative process.
I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to all of you who attended the festival, engaged in discussions, and supported my work. Your enthusiasm and passion for creativity are truly inspiring. Let's continue pushing boundaries, exploring new possibilities, and making a positive impact through our art.
Feel free to share any questions, thoughts, or ideas you'd like to discuss. Let's embrace the sunny side of creativity and forge a path of continuous growth and inspiration.
Wishing you endless creativity and success,
Charis Tsevis
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