Our Metropolises
Presenting the world’s megacities in lively photographic mosaics.

This is an ongoing project of the last 10 years. Travelling the world through mosaics.
From New York to London to Moscow I am trying to provide a refreshing new perspective on famous landmarks and classic cultural monuments whose ubiquity in the media has shaped society’s preconceptions of the cities themselves.
Arranging the fragments of thousands of individual moments into one complete picture I am trying to capture the very essence of these iconic monuments.
Most of all I am trying to compose my mosaic with moments. Different seasons and times of day in a singular distillation of time and space similar to a cinematic time lapse. Contrasting moods culminate in an image charged with atmospheric intensity.

Some of these artworks are commissioned by clients, like Delta Airlines or Emirates and others are part of the Lumas or YellowKorner collection. Some others are available as puzzle by SchmidtSpiele. 
You can purchase most of these artworks following the links bellow.
Delta Sky Clubs at the San Francisco International Airport 
and the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.
Delta Airlines commissioned me to create two murals for their new lounges at the San Francisco and the Seattle-Tacoma International airports. The spaces would set the new standard for airport lounges around the world. The work would have to honour the cities and their many faces.
Atlanta based Twinhouse Art Advisory, conceived and produced the murals under the direction of Susan Gibbs. I had the fortunate opportunity to collaborate with Craig Alan, an artist who worked patiently paying attention to every small image in the mosaic. Different levels, different frames, different textures and materials...the parts of a city that unite to create a whole came to life.

More about these spaces:

Delta Airlines Sky Club - Seattle "Public Market" 
Delta Airlines Sky Club SFO - San Francisco International Airport "Moments Gate" 

Conventional galleries usually offer exorbitantly priced, large-format one-offs or extremely exclusive runs of no more than five prints. Museum shops, on the other hand, sell mass-produced prints. However, these lack personality and don’t make an individual statement. LUMAS closes this gap in the market, giving enthusiastic newcomers and experienced collectors alike an entry into the world of photo art.
Lumas commissioned me to create 8 mosaics picturing landmarks of New York City, London, Paris, Dubai, Milan and Moscow.
You can purchase these artworks bellow:
Our New York III - Lumas.com
Our New York II - Lumas.com
Our Paris - Lumas.com
Our Dubai - Lumas.com
Our London I - Lumas.com
Our London II - Lumas.com
Our Milan - Lumas.com
Our Moscow - Lumas.com
Schmidt Spiele GmbH is a German leader in puzzles. They have commissioned me to create 4 "Our Metropolises" mosaics picturing Berlin, Paris, New York and London.
You can purchase these puzzles on many online shops.
Yellow Corner.
Yellow Corner commissioned me to create 4 "Our Metropolises" mosaics. Amsterdam, New York, San Francisco and Moscow are available through their shop:

AMSTERDAM - yellowkorner.com
OUR BROOKLYN BRIDGE - yellowkorner.com
GOLDEN GATE - yellowkorner.com
MOSCOW - yellowkorner.com
Amsterdam, Miss Liberty and Notre Dame are available on my own shop. 
Notre Dame de Paris - shop.tsevis.com
Amsterdam - shop.tsevis.com
Liberty II - shop.tsevis.com
Many many thanks to everyone at Delta, Lumas, SchmidtSpiele and YellowKorner.
Special thanks to the thousand photographers who helped me with this project.​​​​​​​
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