Wild horses
A series of mosaics of Ford Mustangs made out of pure asphalt.

This is a self initiated project started last year. I had the luck to work for the new Ferrari headquarters in Maranello and together with my friends at Foolbite we have developed a mosaic style that we called Tarmac. The idea is pretty simple. We have created mosaics using different asphalt photos together with lines and other graphics you can find on a road. 
So I kept experimenting and creating mosaics for the last months but I decided to focus on a car I really love, the Ford Mustang.
I have printed these mosaics on mirrors. The reason behind this choice is to have a contrast between the dark asphalt and the shinny metallic parts of these vintage beauties. See the movies and photos bellow.
So here are my wild street horses:

White and red convertibles.
The green and black mates. 
Sweet 70's
The metallic ponies...
Shinny beauties.
Catch me if you can.
Mustang in the dark.
The logo
Some details:
The printing process

The mosaics are printed on real mirror by the great guys at QLTY.gr using a SwissQ Impala system (7 colors + White). The white colors is printed first on the mirror in various shades, rendering the solid white areas to non reflecting ones. Where there is no white color printed the mirror is reflecting the surrounding areas. All other shaded resulting in semitransparent - partially reflecting zones. 
See the videos.
Art by Charis Tsevis.
Special thanks to Paolo Guidobono and Michele Sartori at Foolbite, Monza and the Ferrari Maranello stuff.
Printed by the great people at QLTY in Athens.
Hope you like these wild street ponies...
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