Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
― Nelson Mandela

AKTO College is the largest private art college in Greece. I have been teaching at AKTO since 1996 and am very grateful for that. I wouldn't be the same person or the same professional without it. Academia gives you the space to experiment and to create in a more moral way. You can design 'for the sake of design' -  as a good friend of mine was once saying. 
In 2012 I had the pleasure to work on a new advertising campaign for our college. I was lucky to be part of a great team of teachers and students who all contributed to this project. 
Through this project, we wanted to express what the college is all about. And what a AKTO really is, is its people. People who are formed through ideas, tools, techniques and experiences. We believed that the mosaic concept expresses this relationship between the subject and the object. AKTO in this relationship plays the role of the connector between the parts. 

We created four different pairs of values that meet at AKTO:
1. Τέχνη + Επιστήμη (Art + Science)
2. Παράδοση + Καινοτομία (Tradition + Innovation)
3. Λόγος + Εικόνα (Word + Image)
4. Εμπειρία + Εξέλιξη (Experience + Development)

Project supervision + Copy: George Botsos
Art Direction + Illustration: Charis Tsevis
Photography: Stefanos Samios
Animation + Motion design: Monologue (Stelios Nikolaou, Nikos Xidaktilos, Themis Benetatos)
Coordination: Zoe Athanassopoulou
Special thanks to Dimitris Tsirkas.

So here is our campaign:
The final illustrations:
The final advertisements:
The TV commercial:
Some details of the illustrations:
High resolution files can be found here.
You can zoom in to the original illustrations (~100 Megapixels file) here, here, here and here.

To all my students!
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