The TWIN Black & White portraits of Steve Jobs
Two mosaic portraits of Steve Jobs made out of Apple products for Panorama weekly magazine in Italy.
These are my latest twin portraits of Steve Jobs. I created them for Panorama, Italy's Number 1 weekly magazine.
The creative director of the magazine requested a 'white on white' portrait where Steve Jobs was to be illustrated with all of Apple's white products. Of course I didn't want to use a grayscale version of the products but create the Black & White feeling using the less possible color. I had to turn off some monitors but I haven't changed the actual color of the products. From around 300 of them I created the white mosaic first. Then I became curious with what a black version would look like.
The Panorama team liked them both. They included the initial portrait on the latest cover of the financial section - Panorama Economy - and the black one is used for the internal pages of the magazine.
This is the white version...
...and this is the black version.
The cover of Panorama Economy.
The internal opening spread of the main article.
More info and credits:
Mosaic illustration: Charis Tsevis, Tsevis Visual Design, Athens, Greece.
Based on photos by various photographers of Corbis agency.
All Apple product photos courtesy by Apple Inc.
Art direction by Panorama's team @Mondadori Editore Spa, Milano, Italy.
Made with custom developed scripts, hacks and lots of love, using my Mac, Studio Artist, the Adobe Creative Suite and good music.
Licensed under the Creative Commons License Scheme.You can use this image for NON commercial projects, but you have to credit me. Please, don't use it to express hate, racism or anything negative. 
Wishing the best to Steve Jobs, a person I truly admire.
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