A series of digital typographic mosaics created for Siemens Low Code advertising campaign.
Two years ago Siemens acquired Mendix, the American low-code software platform company that provides tools to build, test, deploy and iterate applications. For their first advertising campaign in late 2020, I had the honour and the pleasure to collaborate with the great team of Ogilvy New York, creating a series of multilayered typographic mosaics to be used on the animations.
People, towers, homes, families, office drawers, airplanes and everything else that was needed made out of pure Courier code.
We wanted to simulate the real code environment but to also give a nostalgic geek atmosphere to the whole campaign.
Every mosaic is structured in many layers so the animators could move different parts and build their code world as easy as possible.
Hope that you like it. ​​​​​​​
The final video:
The mosaics:
A working guy.
A working girl.
A family.
Another working guy.
A family house.
More towers.
An  airplane.
Office drawers.
More office drawers.
Some details:
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