Pete For America
Pete Buttigieg portraits inspired by his campaign for the 2020 Democratic primaries.

What I really like about Mayor Pete is that he is a debate opener, a calm listener and a positivity ambassador. His education but I would also add his manners are reflected on his language as well as his tone. He is opening the debate about policy, values and identities in a sober and productive way. This is something so rare and so needed in times like these. 
For all these reasons I wish he could be the next President of the USA. Therefor I have created a series of promotional artworks for his campaign.

Pete Buttigieg: Miserere​​​​​​​
Personally I am not really religious. I wish I could be more than just a occasional church visitor just to celebrate big religious events and costumes of my Greek heritage. But I am somebody who is recognising the incredible power of religion in society and private life. So many times I wish I could be more religious or more spiritual. Have this contact with a less logical and more emotional part of nature that can’t be ignored. Pete is opening this debate and he is also defines the vocabulary for it. He is speaking for the important values that are reflected in scriptures. Hope he can find a wide audience for this debate. I also hope that this portrait of his I created can also start some healthy and productive debate on values, spirituality and politics. 
This portrait wants to mimic the visual vocabulary of stained glass window art. It’s a puzzle created with pieced from hundreds of stained glass artworks from many cathedrals around the world. Hope that you like it no matter what religion you follow.

From Malta to South Bend.
L-isbaħ xewqat minn Malta u mill-Mediterran, Pete Buttigieg
(Best wishes from Malta and the Mediterranean).
A mosaic potrait of Mayor Pete Buttigieg created with Maltese ceramic tiles, majolicas and other art pieces from the Mediterranean.

Pete Buttigieg: Eyes fixed forward
"From all of the things we do want to emulate, all the best moments in our past, these moments are brought to us by people who’s attribute was that they cared about the future. They kept their eyes fixed forward”.
— Pete Buttigieg, Opening speech in the Asian and Latino Coalition meeting in Des Moines, Iowa, 4/17/2019
I really support Mayor Pete's view on this. In a problematic and difficult era nostalgia and will to return to a glorified past, as appealing as it can be, isn’t a production solution or a real path to happiness. We idolize the past when the present isn’t bright and when the future scares us. What Buttigieg and any other clever person can see in the past is great examples and lessons. Created by people who really wanted to create a better future and that’s why we are remembering them. So my 4th artwork for him is a collage of moments from the near or distant past. Moments difficult or bright. Fractions of history put together to form the portrait of somebody I wish to see guiding the future. A future based on values and ideas measured by concrete results. 

You can purchase a limited edition art print of this artwork here.
"I am running to be the president to pick up the pieces of our divided nation and lead us to real action. I am ready to gather up an American majority that is hungry for change and done with division."
— Pete Buttigieg

"For the least of us"
A digital mosaic portrait of Pete Buttigieg using stained glass techniques.
America for Pete - Pete for America
A mosaic portrait of Mayor Pete Buttigieg created with art created by many artists for Team Pete.

Pete Buttigieg: The Stars and Stripes portait
Mosaic portrait of Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg created with stars and stripes.
Mayor Pete’s America
A mosaic portrait of Mayor and presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg based on the actual map of the USA.
Freedom - Democracy - Security: In 8 Languages
Pete Buttigieg favorite bumper sticker moto written in English and the 7 foreign languages that Mayor Pete speaks.
The Animations:
A series of animations promoting the artworks and the limited edition art print series.
The details:
Details from the mosaic illustrations.
Many thanks to all Pete Buttigieg team and supporters. Go Pete! Wishing you the best.
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