Barack Obama 2008: Yes we did!
A series of artworks inspired by the Barack Obama 2008 campaign for the presidency of the United States of America.

Since February 2008 I started producing mosaic illustrations of Barack Obama made out of his supporters. I wanted to support the Obama campaign and I am really happy that I helped the Democrats Abroad Greece and that I have seen these illustrations published in many prestigious magazines like TIME, Los Angeles Times, Epoca and in many many others.
I am also thrilled that this talented and gifted man has become the 44 president of the United States of America!
The World for Barack Obama (Mosaic Illustration)
Barack Obama: Hope over fear (Mosaic Illustration)
Barack Obama: A mosaic of people
Barack Obama: An American Portrait
Congratulation, Mr.President! (A Madiba mosaic portrait of President Barack Obama)
President Barack Obama: An African portrait
Obama: Afrika
President Obama: The Stars and Stripes mosaic portrait
Invitation to the All-Night Election Watch Gala organized by the Democrats Abroad Greece
The details:
Made with custom techniques and scripts in Synthetik Studio Artist, Adobe Photoshop and Apple QuickTime Pro.

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