Connecting people, data, and technology to create a healthier world. This is Nordic Global's moto. Their marketing and communications agency Allison+Partners commissioned me a series of illustrations. We had to develop a colorful style based on my neofuturistic work using elements from Nordic Global's new brand image. This is the result of our work:
The illustrations:
Healthcare technology illustration for Nordic Global
Doctors' digital study, colorful art for healthcare advertising partnerships
Doctor with the patient, Neofuturistic artwork for medical events
Doctor's learning colorful artwork, healthcare advertising partnerships
Online doctor meeting, Neo-futuristic custom healthcare illustrations
Dr. Explanation in colorful vector illustration, Medical branding artwork
Some applications:
Advertising illustration for global health media
vector illustration for media, Branding illustration services
Media digital mural illustration
Healthcare Site futuristic illustration
Editorial illustrations for health media advertising
Neofuturism illustration style for Healthcare branding
The cover images:
Colorful digital artwork for Healthcare events
digital neo-futuristic panorama art
Illustration in colors, Healthcare communications artwork
Responsive digital illustrations, Health tech branding visuals
neofuturistic art, Creative healthcare imagery
Contemporary vector illustration for healthcare marketing visuals
The details:
Man's face in color tile art, Futuristic branding artwork
Digital mosaic artwork commission for health events
Health illustrations for collaborations globally
Healthcare design solutions, digital mural
Art creation in bright colors, visual branding for healthcare
Healthcare themed digital collage from colors
Colorful digital montage in Neofuturist illustration style for corporate art
Dynamic colors in vector art, custom medical illustrations
Portrait image of colorful triangles, medical marketing graphics
Digital image from colorful polygons
Dynamic picture of colors, corporate health artwork
Man with glasses, Neo futuristic portrait in colors
Dynamic portrait, Health industry advertising for huge surfaces
Large digital mosaic, vector colors
Digital illustrations from colors in motion
Girls face neo-futuristic digital illustration for medical identity
Healthcare visual communication mosaic graphics
digital artwork, detail in a working process
mosaic illustrations for healthcare visuals
Portraits made of many graphics
Health industry artist collaboration
Creative health technology illustrations
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