The “New State of Mind” series is my tribute to the city that never sleeps, New York. The series showcases my signature digital collage style, capturing the essence of the city’s iconic landmarks, cultural monuments, and bustling streets.
In this series, part of my "Our metropolises" collection, started back in 2014, I have experimented with new techniques, combining several mosaic works into one enormous art piece, adding a new layer of complexity. The individual mosaics work together to create a larger narrative, with each piece contributing to the overall story of New York.
Through my photographic mosaics, I am trying to present a unique perspective on New York, distilling the city’s different seasons and times of day into a singular image that captures its dynamic energy and diverse character. The highly detailed pictures are composed of hundreds of individual moments, arranged in a way that creates a cinematic time-lapse effect.
The title “New State of Mind” my vision of the city as a place of endless possibility and reinvention, where one can find a new perspective or a new way of thinking. My aim was to offer a fresh take on the city’s most iconic landmarks, challenging our preconceptions and inviting us to see New York in a whole new light.

This is my third collaboration with Lumas. I am a real fan of their model, that is represented by their slogan, "the liberation of art." What Lumas has achieved is to bridge the gap between the art gallery and the commercial poster market, offering a limited edition series alternative for collectors, businesses, and art fans. You can find a Lumas gallery in 19 cities or visit their online one. 
The Artworks:
Bridge to the sun:
Digital mosaic artwork picturing Brooklyn Bright in a bright summer day. 2023
You can buy this here.
Digital mosaic artwork picturing Brooklyn Bridge on a bright summer day
Sunlit Majesty:
Digital mosaic artwork picturing the Chrysler Bulding in a sunny day in springtime.
You can buy this here.
Photomosaic of the Chrysler Building in springtime, metropolis mosaic
Empire State of mine:
Digital mosaic artwork picturing the Empire State Building in a sunny day. 2023
You can buy this here.
The Empire State Building from millions of photos, digital mural
Sign of the Times:
Digital mosaic artwork picturing Times Square in a summer evening. 2023
You can buy this here.
Times Square on a summer evening, photo mosaic wall art
Neon Symphony:
Digital mosaic artwork picturing the Times Square at night. 2023
You can buy this here.
New York Times Square at night, contemporary art in collage style
One City - One World:
Digital mosaic artwork picturing One World Trade Centre during sunset. 2023
You can buy this here.
One World Trade Centre during sunset, digital mosaic art from photos
Some details:
Bridge in New York City mosaic photo collage
American flags in a contemporary digital mosaic
Digital photo mosaic art
Limited edition mosaic art for galleries
Collages from many photos for businesses places decoration
Chrysler Building, New York ar for offices and corporations
You can visit my online portfolio on Lumas here:
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