Bleacher Report: NBA Finals 2019
A series of mosaic portraits of the best players from the 2 NBA Finalists, Stephen Curry and Kawhi Leonard based on the actual maps of Oakland, California and Toronto, Ontario.

I have been commissioned by Bleacher Report to create a series of mosaic portraits and mosaic videos of the leaders of the two NBA Finalists. I have based the mosaics on the actual maps of the two cities, Ontario and Oakland, to express the strong liaison between the athletes and the physical places. 
As a Greek I couldn't not create a Giannis Antetokounmpo one as well. The Bucks didn't make it this time but I really believe they will next year.
Congrats to the finalists. their cities and their fans!
The animations:
The Social Media:
The animation frames:
Many thanks to Ryan Hurst and Robert Bourhis @ Bleacher Report.
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