We are all living in a financial jungle. This series illustrates the species of our money world. 

I have started this series when a good client of mine asked me to suggest some artworks to decorate a new headquarter for a financial institution. I thought it would be a good idea to create a series of animal portraits. Commercial entities like to associate with animals and their characteristics. People love to see animals as alter egos and sources of inspiration. So this is my Money Zoo, my Money Farm or my Money Jungle. A series of mosaics of animals made out of banknotes from many places and times. Animals created from pieces of Dollars, Euros, Pesos, Rubbles, Pounds, and other financial creatures of our times. Older legends like Drachmas, Liras, Francs, and Dinars, or even coupons and certificates from delicate periods of our history have also been used.
I hope you can find them nice for your workplace!

The Artworks:
All artworks are digital mosaics. 18000 x 18000 pixels. Available on photo paper or high-quality canvas.
Money life, wild life...
The details:
Money - Money - Money...
Available on shop.tsevis.com
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