MasterCard Champions League Final 2019: 3 Historic Greek Goals
Mastercard, the official sponsor of UEFA Champions League celebrates the 3 most historic goals by Greek teams in the history of the tournament.
MasterCard's Greece Madrid 2019 Champions League brand activation campaign has been based on the history of Greek football teams in Champions League. A committee of journalists sponsored by MasterCard Greece has selected the 3 most beautiful and maybe more historic goals by Greek teams in the history of UEFA Champions League. Stelios Giannakopoulos for Olympiacos FC against Porto, Kostas Katsouranis for AEK against Real Madrid and Krzysztof Warzycha for Panathinaikos FC against Ajax. We have designed 3 mosaic artworks showing the 3 players while scoring or celebrating the specific goals. Then we have created 3 big puzzles and we organised events in various locations like shopping malls or cinemas, where people have been asked to assembly the 3 puzzles and win various gifts like tickets to the CL2019 Madrid Final etc. 
Stelios Giannakopoulos. Olympiacos FC - Porto FC, Athens 1997
Kostas Katsouranis, Real Madrid - AEK, Madrid 2002
Krzysztof Warzycha, Ajax - Panathinaikos 0-1, Amsterdam 1996
This is how the mosaic artwork has been build in the events. Hundreds of magnetic pieces were mounted by the visitors of the event. Every piece of the puzzle had an ID number corresponding to gifts, symbolic or very valuable ones.
Photos from the events:
The beginning of the brand activation event.
Mosaics in progress...
The 3 mosaics completed on the Madrid 2019 Final Watch Gala MasterCard event.
Posing with 3 real Greek soccer legends, their mosaic representations and the presented of the Madrid 2019 Watch Gala.
Proudly posing with my 3 mosaics.
From the MasterCard Madrid 19 Final event.
Veteran sports journalist Menios Sakellaropoulos and the 3 strikers on the MasterCard Madrid 19 event.
The details:
Many many thanks to the 3 football legends, Sofia Kamilari and everyone at MasterCard Greece, Maria Lambropoulou, Natasa Tourkaki, Konstantinos Tsaganis, Iakovos Anyfantakis and everyone at McCann Athens.
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