This is an artwork created to support the “Save Your Breath” campaign for the non-profit environmental initiative "Healthy Seas". The mosaic consists of over 1,500 photographs from activities of "Healthy Seas" in the past 5 years. The mosaic recreates the dolphin fresco found in Knossos in the late Minoan period. Minoan civilization was born and developed in Crete 5000 years ago. Somewhere around 2000 and 1600 BC, the Minoans took over Santorini and settled in Akrotiri. 
One of the most common themes in Minoan art is nature. 
The “Save Your Breath” event in Santorini was a long time dream for the Healthy Seas team and they wanted their visual communication to represent that. The Minoan dolphin mosaic depicts an abundant marine scene which is the ultimate goal of the Healthy Seas Initiative. 
You can buy a limited edition art print of the artwork here. All profits go to support Health Seas.
More about them:
Some details where you can see the real photos from the Healthy Seas. All the places and the seas where they have been. 
Some of the posters and banners that was used in all the Healthy Seas media.
Posers in use. Santorini island where was the event. Where all the time with the Cousteau Divers are wearing the campaign T-shirts.
You can enjoy small recap video of the World Oceans Day 2018 on the beautiful island of Santorini, in Greece! Here you can see Underwater stream from that day.
Many many thanks to Jenny Ioannou, Pierre-Yves Cousteau and everyone at Healthy Seas, Cousteau Divers, Atlantis Divers, Carvico, Ghost Fishing and last but not least the people of Santorini, the most beautiful place on earth.
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