A collection of illustrations created during the year 2015 and published in various media around the world.
Fortune magazine: A Chinese flag Made in the USA
A mosaic illustration of a Chinese flag made of American products sold by Alibaba.com. Created for an article on Fortune magazine.
Fortune magazine: Enter the Dragons
Mosaic illustration for an article about the new generation of Chinese smart phones on Fortune magazine.
Time Out London: Jamie Oliver's Food revolution
Mosaic portrait of Jamie Oliver made out of photos from the Food Revolution project. Created for the cover of Time Out London magazine.
Big Issue UK: Happy Christmas from Street Cat Bob
A mosaic portrait of Bob the cat for the Christmas cover of Big Issue magazine in the UK.
Wall Street Journal: I am your watchdog!
Mosaic illustration of a watchdog made out of computer keyboard keys created for an article about information security on the Wall Street Journal.
Womankind Australia: Frida Kahlo
Mosaic portrait of Frida Kahlo for the 4th issue of Womankind Australia magazine.
mankind USA: Frida Kahlo
Mosaic portrait of Frida Kahlo for the 1st issue of Womankind USA magazine.
Womankind Australia: Sophy Gray
Mosaic portrait of Pre-Raphaelite muse Sophy Gray for the 5th issue of Womankind Australia magazine.
Womankind Australia: Mona Lisa
Mosaic portrait of la Giocconda for the 6th issue of Womankind Australia magazine.
Consumer Strategist: Call me!
Mosaic portrait of smiling girl made out of mobile apps icons. Creaed for TeleTech's magazine.
Consumer Report: The Great Gift Guide
Mosaic illustration of a Christmas box made out of consumer products for the cover and back cover of Consumer Report magazine.
Monet magazine: The amazing universe of Stephen Hawking
Mosaic portrait of Stephen Hawking made out of stars, planets, galaxies... Created for Monet magazine in Brazil.
UNO magazine: The wired Maverick
Illustration of the Maverick, the bull mascot of the University of Nebraska at Omaha, made out of wires and cables. Created for the cover of UNO, the magazine of the University of Nebraska at Omaha Alumni.
Apothekenumschau: Digital medicine
Illustration for the cover of Apothekenumschau, the magazine of German pharmacists. 
Many thanks to all art directors, designers and journalists of these respected media for the great collaboration.
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