Digilant is created to help agencies and brands utilize advertising technology and data to discover media opportunities. For Digilant's "Above and beyond data" advertising campaign I have created this series of mosaic portraits made out of icons. The project has been managed by Crunch Brands, a team of brand specialists from Boston, MA.

The illustrations:
A young smilling girl made out of icons for audio/video, computing, travelling, shopping, sports...
An middle age guy made out of icons for automotive, jewelery, banking, medicine, travel and shoping.
A smilling lady made out of icons for computing, telecoms, shoping, food and tv.
Digilant.com's frontpage.
Digilant.com's frontpage.
Frames from the TVC.  
Digital illustration: Charis Tsevis, Athens
Art Direction: Crunch Branch, Boston.

Many thanks for Holy Smith, Oliver Olsson, Marc Ryan and Floyd Sipe.
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