Deep inside the big city.Every block has its color.
In every neighborhood there is a hero.
Takes shape by the people.
Offers the gift of colors.
They were waiting for him.
In the city center. In the suburbs. In the heart of the people. 
He is ready. Para el camino REAL.
Experimental illustration studying the relationship between the city and its heroes. Experimenting with maps and other geographical forms as well as implementing Gestalt theory practices.
The real map of Madrid metropolitan area has been used as well as some photo references for Cristiano Ronaldo, the new hero of Real Madrid.

Made in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.
Please, don't use it for any commercial project.

The original illustration is 12402 x 11220 pixels (105 x 95 cm @300ppi or 41.34 x 37.4 in @300ppi)
You can see a scaled down version (9000 x 8142 pixels) here:
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