In this project, in collaboration with Local Language, the Oakland based creative studio, I was honored to create four mosaic portraits of renowned computer pioneers: Tommy Flowers, Graham Bell, Michael Faraday, and Charles Babbage. These artworks were commissioned to embellish the rooms of the prestigious Shashi Shoreline Hotel, located in the heart of Silicon Valley.
As an artist with a deep fascination for the intersection of art and technology, I am humbled to have had the opportunity to create portraits that pay tribute to these distinguished individuals who have significantly contributed to the development of the computing industry.
The Shashi Shoreline Hotel, located in one of the most technologically advanced regions globally, provided a perfect platform for exhibiting these artworks. As guests explored the hotel's rooms, they encountered pieces highlighting the legacy of these pioneers and their impact on computing technology

Charles Babbage: 
English mathematician and inventor who conceived the idea of a programmable computer, the Analytical Engine, considered the forerunner of modern computers. 
Charles Babbage's contemporary portrait in a mosaic style from computer pieces, corporate art
Graham Bell: 
Scottish-born inventor and scientist who patented the first practical telephone and made significant contributions to the field of communication.
Graham Bell black and white portrait, Scottish inventor and scientist digital art, hotel decoration art
Michael Faraday:
English chemist and physicist who discovered electromagnetic induction, diamagnetism, and laws of electrolysis, laying the groundwork for modern electromagnetism.
Michael Faraday mosaic portrait, English chemist and physicist, tech industry artist collaboration
Tommy Flowers:
British engineer who designed the world's first programmable computer, Colossus, used to crack German codes during WWII.
Tommy Flowers, British engineer, digital portrait from electronic details, hospitality art
Photos from the Sashi Shoreline Hotel website and social media:
Many thanks to everyone at Local Language Art and Shashi Shoreline Hotel.
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