Barack Obama 2012:
Yes We Did (again)
Barack Obama has inspired so many people around the world. I am one of them. Since 2007 I have contribute to his campaign as much as I could. I have designed illustrations, posters, graphics. You can find all my 2008 work here
In 2012 I believed that I had to work even harder. To produce more work. To be more involved. So here are a series of posters made and have been used in various grassroots projects such as Democrats Abroad, Design for Obama, ObamaPoster etc.
Design for Obama
Design for Obama, a great grassroots project by Aaron Perry-Zucker and Max Slavkin.
We've got his Back:
A mosaic portrait of President Obama created from thousands of people caring red, white and blue flags. 
Hopeful because of you:
Inspired by the President's speech at the Democratic Convention 2012 in Charlotte, SC. A quote from that speech is included.
Stars, stripes and values: 
A mosaic portrait made out of stars, stripes as well as the words Unity, Democracy, Liberty, Peace, Hope and Change.
Just the United States:
Inspired by the infamous speech of the Senator Barack Obama (back then) in Democratic Convention of 2004. The portrait is made out of blue and red colored U.S. counties. A real and 100% accurate map is used (Unfortunately I couldn't add Alaska, Hawaii and the islands)
Yes We Can. Again.
These 3 words have inspired so many people in the US and around the world during the primaries of 2007-08 and the election of 2008. I couldn't resist to repurpose them adding the word again.
Dedicated to Yvette Jarvis and Nati Quiroga who love that phrase.
Democrats Abroad (Worldwide and Greece)
I have worked with Democrats Abroad Greece for the 2008 elections. In 2012 I had the honor to see my work used by Democrats Abroad worldwide and many other local organizations across the world.
Invitation for the Elections Watch Gala organized by Democrats Abroad Greece in Athens.
Obama Portrait Project
Another great grassroots project created by Mioko Mochizuki and Marion Bolognesi. They have created an international network of artists who wanted to contribute a portrait of Barack Obama. I have been honored to be part of that network together with Mioko Mochizuki, Randy Glass, Marion Bolognesi, Aimilios Galipis, Joe Ciardiello, David Cowles, Raul Arias, Weef and Peter Pearson.
This is my contribution to the project. You can but this portrait here. All proceeds go to the DNC.
Obama 2nd Presidency
These are some more Obama related artworks created during his second presidency.
Barack Obama Mapped
A portrait of President Barack Obama created with the shapes of the 50 states.
President Barack Obama: Weaving a stars and stripes portrait
A mosaic portrait of President Barack Obama made out of stars and stripes.​​​​​​​
United Counties of Obama
The United States Counties map colored to represent a Barack Obama portrait.
Some details:
Here are some details of the artworks.
Yes We Did:
Here are some photos from the historic night of November 6th. in Athens, Greece.
Congratulations Mr.President. Congrats to all who has worked for that. 
Yes We Did. Again!
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