In the heart of Bahrain's dedication to animal production, the 6th edition of the Mara'ee Animal Production Show unfolded at the Bahrain International Endurance Village from November 23 to November 25, 2023. Organized by the Ministry of Municipalities Affairs and Agriculture under the esteemed patronage of His Majesty King Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa, Mara'ee stands as one of the kingdom's largest and most captivating shows.
Beyond its primary focus on animal production, the event weaves a rich tapestry of exciting entertainment and educational activities, catering to visitors of all ages. Amidst this grand spectacle, I was honored to participate in the Art Exhibition.
Invited by Khalid Juman, CEO of Pico Bahrain, I embarked on a creative journey alongside 12 artists from around the globe. The Art Exhibition showcased an array of artistic expressions, including paintings, art photography, vases, handicrafts, and sculptures.
Commissioned to contribute to the exhibition, I created a King's portrait and three animal paintings. Inspired by the intricacies of Arabic patterns, I delved into an extended exploration, crafting and curating a collection of mesmerizing patterns. For the animal mosaics, I chose to portray the grace of a horse, the majesty of a falcon, and the elegance of a gazelle.

Mosaic Majesty: A Tribute to the King

The King's Portrait
Crafting Majestic Artistry
Embarking on creating the regal centerpiece, the King's portrait, I envisioned a work that echoed the analog allure reminiscent of my Singularis Art. Pressed for time, the initial layer was meticulously printed on synthetic stone, courtesy of the cutting-edge UV printer from Bois Art Shop, which is a partner in my creations. The second layer, an embodiment of detail and color richness, found its expression on fine art paper through the precision of a Giclée 12-color printer by Fotokinisi, another creative partner.
The creation process unfolded tirelessly with my wife Vira Konstanta and me immersed in the artistry of crafting a royal portrait. Every tile was meticulously cut and hand-painted, with additional tiles crafted from metallic art paper using a laser-cut machine. As each piece found its place in this mosaic symphony, the assembly reached new heights, creating a visual crescendo.
Combining acrylics and Relief Paint adds a profound dimensionality, breathing life into the paintbrush strokes with a captivating 3D effect. The crowning touch came with applying gold leaf (Giusto Manetti, Firenze Gold Leaf KTS 32 3/4 100x100 Th. 24gr Light pressed), enhancing specific details with a luminous charm that elevated the entire portrait to an extraordinary luxury.
This collaborative labor of love and artistry resulted in a portrayal transcending mere representation, capturing the essence of regality in each meticulously placed tile.
The Singularis style, exemplified in the King's portrait, drew admiration and fascination, leading to its sale before the exhibition's official opening.
Witnessing the response, one visitor exclaimed, "This is the prettiest thing I ever saw in my life."
Stallion’s Serenity: Mosaic Melody of Equine Grace
Stallion’s Serenity: Mosaic Melody of Equine Grace
Winged Whispers: Falcon’s Flight through Arabic Skies
Winged Whispers: Falcon’s Flight through Arabic Skies
Ethereal Elegance: Mosaic Poetry of the Desert Antelope
Ethereal Elegance: Mosaic Poetry of the Desert Antelope
From Canvas to Charm: Bringing the Animal Kingdom to Life
The artistic journey continued with a dedication to bringing the spirit of the animal kingdom to life. 
It began with a meticulous Giclee 12-color printing of my digital mosaics on 100% cotton canvas, laying the foundation for a vibrant canvas that would become a testament to the wild's untamed beauty. Following this, my wife, inspired by the vivid hues and intricate details, embarked on the hands-on process of painting tile by tile.
This approach ensured that each stroke and detail echoed the essence of the creatures portrayed. Relief Paint and metallic colors add a dimension of 3D allure. At the same time, strategic elements were adorned with the luminescence of gold leaf (Giusto Manetti, Firenze Gold Leaf KTS 32 3/4 100x100 Th. 24gr Light pressed.), casting an enchanting charm on the mosaic. The result is not merely a representation; it's a crafted symphony that captures the spirit of the wild in every individual tile, a harmonious blend of technology and hands-on artistry.
As the curtains draw on this captivating chapter in Bahrain, the echoes of Mara'ee and the vibrant tapestry of experiences linger vividly. The Art Exhibition, a harmonious collaboration with fellow artists, painted a diverse canvas of creativity, showcasing the rich threads of culture that bind us together. Exploring the fascinating realm of Mara'ee allowed for a close encounter with the regality of camels, the grace of horses, and the majestic presence of Bahrain's native fauna, leaving an indelible mark on my artistic inspiration.
The cultural show, a celebration of Bahrain's heritage, unfolded like a mosaic of traditions and stories, enriching me with the essence of this beautiful land. 
Beyond the exhibition, Bahrain revealed its treasures during a cultural exploration. A day at the National Museum offered a profound journey through the kingdom's history, adding depth to my artistic perspectives. A visit to the RAK Art Foundation became a sanctuary of inspiration.
This trip to Bahrain transcended the boundaries of a mere exhibition; it was a mosaic of encounters, a symphony of culture, and a tapestry woven with the threads of art and tradition. Grateful for the warmth and hospitality of the Kingdom, I carry memories and a renewed perspective that will undoubtedly find its way into my future artistic endeavors.
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